Proposal For a Commemorative People’s Park in the Breagagh River Valley to Mark 100 Years of The Republic

Tue, June 9, 2015

A second City ‘Castle Heritage Culture Park’ area is being proposed by the Fr. McGrath Family Resource Centre to negate the environmental and urban community damage that will be inflicted on the medieval City and the housing communities most affected by the high volume traffic CAS route in the Western Environs of our City.

The Butts community, the centre of pre Christian Kilkenny and the ‘middle of pre Norman Kilkenny’ is calling for a radical urban plan that would create a public green space lung area on either side of the ancient and culturally and environmentally significant Breagagh River Valley area.

They are calling for a concrete-free, sixty acre green lung zone on either side of the Breagagh Valley River, to be developed as a cultural, environmental, historic, heritage and public sports parkland that could rival Kilkenny Castle Park as a national 21st Century tourist heritage attraction.

The proposers say that nearly 90 % of the land is in place to make it happen if the Co Council shows the political will to create it, and point out it will be a four minute walk from the GPO and Town Hall on High Street.

The proposal could be funded under the Borough’s Linear Park scheme and would have access to very substantial European development grants.

1916 ‘ThePeople’s Park’

Chairperson Pat Brennan of the Fr. McGrath Family Resource Centre said –

‘History is giving Kilkenny people one shot at taking this once in a millennium opportunity to make this new public river park possible.

We call on all political parties and residents and community groups to support the proposal and help counter the impact that the CAS traffic route will have on local communities, families and children.

The irreplaceable environmental and historic resources are there, as is access to grants to make it happen.

All that is lacking is the political will to face down developers and profit driven speculators.’