Marie Keating Foundation mobile unit at Butts Green

Fri, November 15, 2013



On Thursday 28th November the mobile unit from Marie Keating Foundation will be at Butts Green from 10.30 – 2.30pm. There is a nurse on board who is available to provide cancer information to the general public free of charge in an informal and non-intrusive way.  This is not a screening service. They can facilitate confidential one to one consultations and information presentations on our Mobile Information Units. The Unit is stocked with take home information leaflets on Bowel, Lung, Mouth, Skin, Testicular, Prostate, Cervical, Ovarian and Breast cancer. Our Nurses can talk to people on a one to one basis in a private area on board about any concerns that a person might have about cancer, either for themselves or for someone else (family member or friend).

If you have any concerns regarding yourselves and/or your loved ones feel free to avail of this service.